Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More about simple cross-platform C++ library

Last day, I posted that I will publish Chenhua's simple cross-platform C++ library here. Not only copy it character by character, but also modify, extend, test and make some usecases about it.
Now, I Compile most of the library successfully. and a list of library is as follows. In the compilation process, I encounter several problems, such as not correct compile command line, precompile header file error etc.

BaseHtmlParser.cpp Parse HTML Content, Get absolute URL.
BaseHTTP.cpp A utility class that used to POST and GET data.
BaseSock.cpp Encapsulate common socket network operations.
Convert.cpp A utility class for
cryptography classes. including some functions like Base64 encoding and decoding.
Des.cpp Data Encryption Standard encrypt algorithm implementation.
MD5.cpp Message Digest hash utility class.
MMutex.cpp Mutex and semaphore operations's cross-platform
Mthread.cpp Multi-thread ulitity functions that can be use both in Windows and POSIX systems.
XML.cpp Implement some simple XML read and write behaviors.

The following is a Class picture that snapped from Visual Studio.NET IDE( In the Visual C++.NET Perspective and Class View).

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