Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Simple but usefull cross-platform C++ library

Chenhua, the co-founder of kooxoo.com, On the 26th, May, 2005, published his cross-platform C++ Library on his blog, http://dawnli.spaces.live.com. At that time, kooxoo.com has been not found yet(kooxoo.com was started from late 2005, Now it becomes the most famous lifeday search engine in China).
The library consists of some simple but usefull C++ classes. including socket, multi-thread, cryptography and etc. "Use these classes ,you can develop C++ programs as easy as Java ones", Said Chen.

Thanks for his great work. Now I copy most of his code snippets, test and build it into some test programs. Then post here for everyone. The original copyright of the code belongs to Chen.
Thanks again.

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Stars said...

I compiled the first class(about mulit-thread) successfullly.But It's really not an easy job. Be patient, to be continued...